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Donors & Projects: Procordel

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The Programme de Recherche-Developpement sur l'Elevage en Afrique de l' Ouest is a regional project funded by the Eurpean Union under EDF VIII for a period of 4 years (2000 – 2004), covering 13 countries in West Africa. Under the auspices of CORAF and implemented through the NARS, the programme is co-ordinated by the two sub-regional Research Centres ITC and CIRDES (Burkina Faso) with the assistance of the ILRI Socio-economist, who is based at CIRDES.

ITC mandate countries in this programme are Senegal, Guinea, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone and Liberia.


To increase stock breeders incomes, contribute to availability of animal protein and to improved food security in West Africa.

The approach chosen for the implementation of research/development activities is systems oriented, focusing on predominant low-input, extensive livestock management as well as on the market oriented, peri-urban systems and their needs. Within the two systems, important animal health and animal production issues are being investigated, the majority in most of the mandate countries to allow for regional interpretation of results. To put these bio-technical activities into context, relevant accompanying socio-economic investigations are also being carried out.

High priority is given to building and/or reinforcing NARS' research capacity, as well as that of the Centre's scientific and support staff, with particular attention to the promotion and/or supervision of academic qualifications (i.e. Master and PhD programmes) in collaboration with African and northern Universities.

In the whole implementation process of PROCORDEL, available financial, human and technical resources, are strategically allocated to strengthen subjects recognised as priorities by the NARS and the Centre, and relevant to the regions livestock research/development objectives identified by CORAF.